Calaguas Island: A Paradise

Once again, the City-Girl went for an adventure!


The pristine beach and the crystal clear waters of Mahabang Buhangin, Calaguas Island is too inviting that my inner self can’t bear to resist the temptation to buckle up and prepare to voyage.


Calaguas Island is one among the islands located in the province of Camarines Norte. It took us 7 hours via Van plus another 1 ½ hours of boat ride in Vinzons Port. The sea was calm but the weather is gloomy and rain is imminent. But still, we are full of enthusiasm along the way.


The Mahabang Buhangin which translates to “long beach”, is a 1.7 kilometer shoreline that boasts of white sand. You will feel the powdery white sand on your feet as you walk on Mahabang Buhangin’s. Once you reached the island, you will forget the bustling modern metropolis. A gorgeous landscape awaits you after a nerve wracking travel. Please be noted that there is NO SIGNAL in the island.


Like our Sagada Trip, we had this tour together with Pilipinas Roadtrip (PRT). Hence, the Cottage, food, Island hopping and other travel expenses are covered by the package we purchased. Though we are bound by the package we acquired, the roadtrip and amusement are limitless.  PRT staff and coordinator were very accommodating. Aside from the food they packed, bunch of jokes and humor are shared to us.


Our new found friends with PRT Staffs

Visit: or contact them at Tel # (02) 3597451 / Mobile No# 0932-2382616 (Sun) / Email

Later that day, together with our new found friends, we embarked on a short 20 minute boat ride going to our first stop, Balagbag Malaki Island. The terrain of the hills and mountains is somewhat similar to Batanes. Its craggy terrain is ideal for any kind of photo ops or some captivating nature photography.


Balagbag Malaki

Next, we went to Balagbag Maliit Island, It will only took you few minutes to explore the entire Island. What’s special in Maliit island is its rock formations that you can climb up to get a nice view of the island. This place is also ideal for photo ops.


Balagbag Maliit Island

At night you can still enjoy the shoreline by having a bonfire while telling stories with your friends or you may want to spend the rest of the night by Stargazing until you fall asleep.

We welcome our second day with the view of a spectacular sunrise at the top of the mountain. You will surely enjoy the scenery and landscapes of Calaguas.



Calaguas Island

Indeed, Calaguas Island is a great destination for tourists who want relaxation, adventure, and a quest for nature. What more could you ask for?


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