An Invitation from

Last monday, I received an invitation from to become a regular contributor to their website. MTS is a new blogging website established in New York.

I was a little suspicious.. Someone actually noticed my blog and articles?  Apparently so.

MTS believed that my writing aligns with their core value, and would love to display some of my blog’s content so that it can reach an even broader audience. However, I find their content all over the place and of varying degrees of quality.

I send them the article they requested. (See here ) The one which was originally posted on my blog. Though skeptical, I give it a shot. Let see what will happen next.

See my MTS profile here; –>Jowwn ♥


4 thoughts on “An Invitation from

    • Hi Brittany, I didn’t sign up. Like you, I was spotted here in wordpress and got an invitation via email. The site appears legit, given the fact that their email for writers has contact number. They’re sending invitations to writers to contribute to their site on a semi-regular basis. There’s no compensation, but they want to substantially increase their content. The good news is, they encourage contributors to link to their personal website in order to get more viewers. I’ve been posting some articles there to gain more exposure to my work. I asked other writers who also received an invitation and I haven’t heard anything negative. But still the decision of joining MTS is in yours. 🙂

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      • Thank you for sharing this girls. I have the same invitation from mytrendingstories and I was a bit scaptical. Can you please tell me how did you post articles to them? You just reply to their email? Thak you



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