You are a Waterfall

You are an ambitious person,
Smart and clever.
You are outspoken,
outgoing but weak-hearted.

You belong to no man,
And to no city.
An  adventurous lad,
Craving for new and unusual experiences.

You are powerful and dominating,
perhaps not physically speaking,
but the force of your personality
can knock back anyone who’s not ready for it.

No one can fool you,
Bamboozle is a no, no, no.
Perhaps you can see through liars immediately,
By just listening to your intuition.

Problems are best made to go away
as quickly as possible.
You don’t like long-winded meetings talking about a problem
But you would rather be doing than talking about what to do.

You’re confident, but modest.
You are intimidating
and yet comforting
and soothing at the same time.

You can be dangerous
to those who don’t really know your nature,
and don’t try to know you better.

Keep up with your elegant and outgoing ways,
but don’t forget to leave something to yourself.
You don’t need to share everything with others.

Learn to moderate your opinions.
Be balanced and open-minded.
You have to master the art of listening
that will surely take you many years.

Your confidence walk on the surface,
aimlessly wandering
as if vagabonds
in all directions

When you’re around,
It brings an uplifting feeling.
It represents the vitality,
spirit and enjoyment of life.

Your heart exudes kindness
and understanding in all directions,
and that is inspiring.

-Joan R.




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